Updates and Goings On!


Look for Dr. Robitaille's latest article in the February 2018 publication of Army Magazine; telling the amazing story of MSgt Roddie Edmonds


Dr. Robitaille will be presenting at the AUSA First Region Conference in Albany, NY in May 2018 on "Creating Magic: Leadership and Team Building"


Join the NNJ Chapter of the AUSA on February 7th at the annual AUSA Networking Event. Lt Col Justin Constantine will be the key guest speaker; receiving a Purple Heart for being wounded by an enemy sniper, LtCol Constantine gives a wonderful talk on resilience and overcoming adversity.    Register Here


Join us April 11th at the annual AUSA Leadership Dinner; a must attend event!   Purple Heart recipient and disabled veteran; Earl Granville will be the Keynote Speaker.



Dr. Robitaille will present the 2018 Veterans Education Award at the 3rd Annual Veterans Stakeholders Award Breakfast on March 3rd, 2018.

Skyla the service dog has completed a year of intensive training, making great progress towards helping veterans with emotional and PTSD issues. See the Steve Adubato TV Interview with Dr. Robitaille and Tami Pichardo --> One on One

Gold Star and Veterans Reflections Projects


Gold Star and Veterans Reflections Projects highlighting and demonstrating the emotional struggle and long term affect of military service through art and imagery.

News Interviews and Media

Videos of past news interviews on a variety of topics on local and State television channels.

Service and Therapy Dog Project


Selecting, training and developing service and therapy dogs to aid and assist our veterans who have PTSD, anxiety, stress and other emotional issues as a result of their military service.

Veterans History Project

Filming, recording and archiving the stories of our veterans in conjunction with the Library of Congress. Preserving the legacy of our veterans for families and future research.

Events for Gold Star Children


Events with the NY Yankees and NY Mets in conjunction with national non profit organizations to bring happy memories to the children of the fallen.

Web Design Projects


Designing, producing and developing web design projects to enhance any organizations public image. Specializing in transitioning to cloud operating environments.

Community Fund Raising Events


Organizing and operating large scale fund raising events for well deserving non profit organizations. Worked closely with Snowball Express, Children of Fallen Patriots, Runanyway and supported Luke's Wings.

Political Support and Activism


Political support with State and Federal officials on wide ranging issues concerning veterans and gold star families.

Networking Events


Organize and develop community networking events bringing together education, community leaders, non profit leaders, corporate sponsors and political stakeholders to discuss common needs.

Athletic Coaching and Mentoring

Keynote Speaking and Presentations

Disney Institute by the Walt Disney Company

2X Wrestling National Champion; Justin Bellman
2X Wrestling National Champion; Justin Bellman

Coaching, training and developing athletes to National Championships and All American Status.

Presenting at conferences and workshops regionally and nationally.

For over two decades Disney Institute has been helping transform organizations through custom solutions grounded in the time-tested success and insights from The Walt Disney Company.

“The test of success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom.”--Gen. George Patton.      Look forward...that's leadership.



Graduate of the Disney Institute for Leadership Excellence


Member; Association of the United States Army


The successful leadership of people and management of processes drives any program, project or mission to a success. Every success or failure in life can be tied to leadership. Having someone with wide ranging experiences in multiple areas assists in effective planning, development and completion of any vision turned into reality.